Country : Hong Kong
Genre : Adult / Category 3 / Comedy
HK Category : I I I
Runtime : 85 min.
Video : Colour
Audio : Speaking (Cantonese)



John Chang Kuo Chu
Teddy Chen Tak Sum
Vincent Lam Wai
Julie Lee Wah Yet
Jacqueline Ng Suet Man
Cecilia Yiu Ching Ching

Jean meets former school friend Ivy (Julie Lee) by chance at a disco. Ivy says she was kicked out of school for flirting, and proves this by making a concerted pass at Stephen (Jean’s businessman father), much to the disgust of his live-in girlfriend Judy who, after providing the only properly full-frontal nude scene in the movie, quickly dresses and walks out in a huff. Ivy and Stephen get along well for awhile, but generation gap and Stephen’s lack of interest in sex (which Julie Lee amply demonstrated in her opening scene) cause Ivy to lose interest. Ivy is picked up by bikie Michael (Lin Wei) and moves in with him the same night.
For a time, we are treated to Ivy’s attempts to sort out the feelings of Michael and his friends Teddy and Ying Ying for each other. Ivy eventually returns to Stephen.